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Am 10.05.2010 10:06, schrieb Ashwin:
> The question is would you like to judge (or be party to) other people as
> contributors / ambassadors / volunteers ? And if yes, on what basis you
> don this judgemental role (on equally passionate role of others however
> dormant it may be today) ?

First, i do not think we should mix up redhat and Fedora - Fedora is a
non-profit project with enough space for things that are not in redhat
It is also not about judging people, it is about to have rules or not.
With over 600 Ambassadors contributing to Fedora - the community
developed together a way of meritocracy, rules, structures and our code
of conduct and our culture. In our Ambassdors Code of Conduct we agree
to have "some important rules to follow" to have the freedom to
contribute in a peacefull and respectfull way - and you have the freedom
to commit yourself to this rules by joining the Ambassdor Group or you
have the freedom to disagree and not to join this group.

As example, in Ambassadors you are a Person who has access to ressources
like "the time of other contributors", SWAG, Money, Event- or
Travel-Budget - and to be honest if money is involved, we want to know
what happens with this money.

If you take responsibility, where other people trust you and depend on
you - i would held you accountable like any friend.

We have to make sure that ressources go to the right places. And this is
indeed very challenging and the reason why we think that meritocracy,
regional mentoring and regional leadership is the best way to handle
this right now.

Max, explained the Fedora Governance Model very well -

We had several clean up for the Ambassador Group in the past for "dead"
Accounts. People concerned, are always welcome to reapply to the Group
as soon as they have time to contribute again.

As example, a "dead" marketing group membership may does not make so
much harm to the Fedora Project - but a "dead" or not-skilled enough
Ambassador can confuse other people and make harm to our repudation -
but this is discussed and decided also several times already

cu Joerg

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