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Suchakra suchakra at gmail.com
Wed May 12 08:20:44 UTC 2010

I'm overwhelmed by the response (and continued discussion, accusations etc)
to a simple suggestion made by Rahul. You have all been a part of spreading
the Fedora word out to someone who needs help in addition to contributing to
Fedora in some way or the other (coding/bug-tracking/art etc). Here is an
insight from a potential ambassador who is in the process - thats me.

I'm pretty young in the Fedora community. I first used Fedora when it was
Core 4. I was too young to even understand linux then. And too add to the
misery, unlike other distros I found that it was pretty slow. (I was using
Mandrake 8.2 then) I got partially cut off from the linux world soon (not
being from a CS background) and have been just recently re-started my
journey with FEL 12 and Ubuntu 9.04 and embedded flavors of Llinux. I
decided to contribute to OSS and started looking for ways. I am presenting
my unbiased views when I say that the only thing that attracted me to fedora
was the organization, the clear cut demarcations and the streamlined
procedures to be a contributor. There is a process involved and things are
better of the process remains intact. I had applied for Ambassadors quite
sometime back but there's no hurry. I'm myself being off-on-off-on for
sometime (as things are beyond your control in campus - exams, dissertations
etc.) but it gives you time to judge yourself, whether you are fit. You
can't help anyone in anyway becoming an Ambassador if you are inactive most
of the time.

Bottom-line : Its all cool. Lets not strain our heads anymore. A possible
solution can be to have a Ambassador's status wiki which clearly states
active and inactive Ambassadors with contact details, duration of
inactivity, etc so it becomes easy for contributors as well as newbies to
get help.

And just to add, next sem is going to be an event packed sem at COEP. A
Fedora event, a Debian conference etc. I shall be obliged to have your

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