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Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Mon Nov 1 01:41:06 UTC 2010

 On 10/31/2010 10:29 PM, sankarshan wrote:
> Please do ensure that there is a point of contact for the
> MiniConfs/PoTD and, he/she is cat-herding with enthusiasm. It would
> require coordination with both FOSS.IN team and, the line-up of
> speakers for the specific MiniConf/PoTD. This might also require some
> thinking about swag/goodies.

Here is a copy of my proposal to the foss.in for the Fedora Miniconf.  
If there are any corrections to the proposal, please contact me
offlist.  I have been informed that my talk (yet to be listed) and
Saleem Ansari's talks (already listed) have been selected for the main
conference.   Note that for all speakers in the miniconf, foss.in will
not sponsor you but Fedora Project (specifically, community architecture
team) can take of care delegate fees, travel and accommodation
expenses.  If you need to be sponsored,  please file a ticket with an
estimate at https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-india/ after the miniconf is
published on 8th of November so that we can do a budget estimate.   If
anyone has any questions, do let me know.


Mini Conf Topic: Fedora Project
Type: Technical

Fedora is a premier Linux distribution in India and worldwide.  It
represents the leading edge of free and open source software with
technical excellence delivered every six months. Fedora is also the
upstream of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the top commercial Linux
distribution in the world.    This mini-conf will presents the latest
ideas and the new projects within Fedora in India.   Do step in and
participate in the very best of Free software!

Proposer: Rahul Sundaram <sundaram AT fedoraproject.org
<mailto:sundaram at fedoraproject.org>>
Phone: <private>
Organisation: Fedora Project


Speaker 1: Aditya Patawari <aditya AT adityapatawari.com
<mailto:aditya at adityapatawari.com>>
Topic 1: Fedora Summer Coding and Fedora KDE Netbook Remix

Speaker 2: Siddesh Poyarekar <siddhesh.poyarekar AT gmail.com
<mailto:siddhesh.poyarekar at gmail.com>>
Topic 2: Bugzapping in Fedora

Speaker 3: Shreyank Gupta <shreyank AT fedoraproject.org
<mailto:shreyankg at fedoraproject.org>>
Topic 3: Four Seasons of Code,  a platform for mentors and students

Speaker 4: Suchakra <suchakra at fedoraproject.org
<mailto:suchakra at fedoraproject.org>>
Topic 4: Linux-on-a-Box, Straight Through a Web Browser

Speaker 5: Arun SAG <sagarun at gmail DOT com>
Topic 5: Exploring Emacs in Fedora - tips and tricks, packaging LISP

Speaker 6: Aditya Patawari <aditya at adityapatawari.com
<mailto:aditya at adityapatawari.com>>
Topic 6: Fedora for Kids,  a new flavour of Fedora for kids

2 and 6 are workshops but there can be a quick presentations to jump
start it.

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