[fedora-india] fedora for kids at foss.in

Arnav Kalra arnavkalra007 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 10:06:12 UTC 2010

> Hello everyone
> I think it's my first mail on this list after two yrs.
> Actually I study in class 9 and would like to give some tips and ask  
> some questions
> Mr narendra sisodiya do you have the right to use scans or something  
> like that of ncert books
> If yes they should be in the distro
> Ncert has not updated syllabus since 2005
> Cbse updated the book style this year for making it cce compatible
> And an update was last done in 2003
> So what I think we should have a néw release only after there's some 
>  change in the syllabi
> Some other things to take care of
> A basic alternative (basic is a language)
> A decent enough c++ IDE along with tutorials as cpp is taught in my  
> class
> Instead of khan academy we should request ncert professors to  
> explain each and every concept in videos
> Then even I may switch back to using Linux as a second distro
> I wish that this project becomes successful
> Arnav Kalra
> With an Arnav Kalra - 47
>              AK-47
> Beware of  /-\R|/|@V  |</-\|_R@

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