[fedora-india] choice of desktop environment for fedora for kids

Arnav Kalra arnavkalra007 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 31 17:19:13 UTC 2010

I think using enlightenment 17 would work wonders it looks cool and  
along with awn it will make children wow
But I don't know about the resources used by it.
Also localization is absolutely necessary
Narendra has ncert invested any resources on schoolos
Also if ncert supports schoolos can it allow us to have a version of  
it's books in which if we click on a term a small thing pops up with  
it's definition and so on.
You may have seen websites in which if we put our cursor over a term a  
small thing pops up with ads. It should be something like that but  
dictionary definition and link to wikipedia article.
Also we require offline simple English wikipedia but we would need to  
modify it heavily and also allow teachers to do so.

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