[fedora-india] [Ambassadors] [X-post] Attention: Ambassadors from India

Aditya Patawari adimania at gmail.com
Thu Dec 8 06:15:57 UTC 2011


Apologies for top posting. I would like to add a few points:
1. Agreeing with Ankur in a way, out of 31 ambassadors I have not met
more than half ever taking into account irc, mailing lists, events.
While this might not count for inactivity, this marks a time for us to
put a check on ambassadors count.

2. Freemedia does not make a lot of sense to me. I fail to understand
that how can a person living in heart of Bangalore city can request
for freemedia (we have a lot of requests from several major cities). I
don't mind arranging media for remote villages but for metropolitan
cities where 2 gbps is normal, this sounds weird to me.
If I reply to the ticket (of people living nearby) saying that I can
provide an .iso since I do not have a cd/dvd writer, I do not get any

3. This is more of a suggestion for Bangalore ambassadors and
contributors. There are a lot of us here. Instead of entertaining
freemedia requests from here, we can contact local colleges and
schools and provide them with local repos and .iso files. Let us pick
6 colleges for a start. We can conduct workshops or events twice an
year for each of them. That would work out to be once a month for us.
I am ready to spare one weekend a month. There can be further division
to reduce the load among us.

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