[fedora-india] [Commercial] Systems engineers/DBAs/architects needed at a top ecommerce venture

Sandeep Srinivasa sss at tradus.in
Thu Dec 29 04:08:27 UTC 2011

Tradus is launching a massive effort to revamp its entire architecture to
take it to a whole new level. We are backed by the Naspers-MIH group (which
incidentally owns 30% of Facebook).

Do you wish you had used Shinken or Icinga instead of Nagios ? Wish someone
would stop the mysql insanity and choose postgresql ?

Why dont you join us at Tradus (www.tradus.in) at *Gurgaon* and define the
stack we should use. You get to play god.

We are looking for system gurus to own the network infrastructure.  This
means you get to scream at the application developers if they thought up of
a poor DB schema (incidentally - mysql, percona, postgres... we are
thinking of all of those). We want to build a monitoring system that not
only monitors systems at the OS and hardware level (nagios, monit, munin ?
you help making the choice), but also at the business level (oops...
transactions per hour have fallen). You will also help us define our
deployment process, failover systems and set up high availability - which
means you need to be good at stuff like replication, configuration
management tools (puppet, chef, bcfg2) and hudson/jenkins. [Extra points if
you have worked with HIDS or any other IDS.]

Your core philosophy needs to say "automation". You need to be good at
system configuration tools (e.g. Puppet, Chef, bcfg2, etc.). You need to be
very good at DB tuning (mysql or postgresql ) as well as replication. We
would need you to have a sound idea of security and firewalls (if you have
worked on HIDS, its a big plus). If you dont know any of the technologies
mentioned above - you need to show aptitude to learn.
Your interview process will most definitely involve you making us a
presentation about your idea of architecture - and will also involve
writing test scripts, deploying, etc.

You will have considerable freedom in working with different stacks -
however, the catch is that we are maintaining an older stack deployed and
working with legacy processes. You WILL have to keep this running as long
as we do not have a replacement. You will have to build your new robust
processes, but will have fight to maintain the older, working, broken ones.


You get your own laptop
Flexible work hours (upto a limit - we believe in work life balance for the
rest of us)
Industry standard salary

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