[fedora-india] What's the difference between 32-bit Fedora iso and 64 bit iso -?

Lakshmipathi.G lakshmipathi.g at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 13:16:23 UTC 2011

Hi -
I have Fedora -64bit iso image - While trying to install in VBox it says
"this kernel requires an x86-64 CPU  but only detect i686 cpu  - unable to
boot , please use a kernel  appropriate for your cpu".

I understand my VBox won't support 64bit VM's.  Though I can download 32-bit
Iso image and install it - which should work.
Is it possible to modify this 64-bit ISO image will allow me to install ?
something like - mount it as loop device and remove 64bit kernel and copy a
32-bit kernel  and re-create ISO image ?
Or do we have other issues?

FOSS Programmer.
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