[fedora-india] Need Support For Latest Hardware?

Amit Shah amitshah at gmx.net
Tue Jul 5 15:54:09 UTC 2011

On (Tue) 05 Jul 2011 [20:38:10], Navdeep Singh Sidhu wrote:
> As i wrote my problem some weeks ago, that Fedora 15 or any other linux
> version didn't run on my Laptop.I got two problems:-
> 1. My screen goes Black on booting Linux.
> 2.I got Intel error with following message
>  > - Dropping to debug shell.
>  > sh: can't access tty: job control turned off
>  > dracut:/#

Is this the Live CD or the install iso?  Did you check the checksum of
the disk image?  Or did the install go fine and you're seeing this
after the install?

Stopping here might mean your initrd is bad or some plymouth / udev
files weren't found.

Asking on fedora-devel might be more helpful.

>  I have contacted Dell technical support for help regarding this problem.
> They told me that there will be no option in BIOS to disable one of my
> graphics card. So the problem remains same.

What reason do you have to believe it's a problem related to the
graphics cards?

> They told me that nVIDIA is
> primary graphics card in my laptop & Intel HD3000 is secondary graphics
> card. And also as i'm using i-7 processor that support's some kind of
> architecture that has to use both of graphics card & i can't disable any of
> them. in short, they said that my laptop's hardware architecture supports
> only both card option & i can't disable any of them. But i don't believe
> them, there is no such architecture in which we can't disable one of the
> graphics card. Hardware manu. companies designs motherboard in such way that
> if one of graphics card fails (like let nVidia fails in most of the
> cases)then automatically it switches to inbuilt VGA (Intel HD 3000) or
> secondry vga. I'm not sure about my statement but i think so.

What matters is how it is built, not how it should be built.

> So can open source programmers
> design such kernel or not ? Or i haave to wait for next 10 years to use
> Linux on my Laptop.

Most of Linux and open source development has happened because people
scratched their own itch.. which means now is a wonderful opportunity
for you to debug and solve the problem that stops things working fine
on your hardware.  I promise you'll end up learning a lot about
computers and Linux even if you don't solve the issue.

Dave Airlie has put some thought and code into supporting multiple
video cards.  If you are willing to do your homework and put in a few
hours to track down the problem, and if it is indeed graphics-related,
you can contact him via the fedora-devel list.


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