[fedora-india] FUDCon India booklet

Ankur Sinha sanjay.ankur at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 06:24:55 UTC 2011


Rahul and me had a quick meet to get the ball rolling on the FUDCon
booklet. Here are the quick notes. 

The current status:
1. Content is most important. FranciscoD (me) to report status on
content on the upcoming FUDCon planning meet on Friday.
2. A good reference to follow:
3. Required content:
	a. Welcome statement
	b. Sponsorship details
	c. Getting there
		i. Map
		ii. Transport 
		iii. Hotels
		iv. on COEP 
	d. Things to know
		i. Emergency contacts
		ii. Blogging/microblogging information
		iii. IRC information
		iv. FUDPub
	5. The Bar camp paradigm defined
	6. General schedule
		i. Include pre decided events
		ii. Link to web page that lists events once decided at venue
	7. Food
		i. Breakfast
		ii. Vendors:
			a. Dining out
			b. Delivery
			c. Quick bites

	8. Other information (all in one page)
		i. ATMs/banks
		ii. Other entertainment
		iii. Pharmacy

It's based on the FUDcon Tempe packet that I've referenced. 

Action items:
1. Ask suchakra,shrink for local info (emergency contacts, food
places...) - FranciscoD
2. Ask FUDCon artwork team regarding theme and other details -
3. Ping ianweller once the region is pin pointed on the openstreetmap
web site to request help with map generation - FranciscoD
4. Report status of content collection at the FUDCon planning meeting
coming Friday, the 22nd - FranciscoD

Related Links :
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> 11:30 < zodbot> Minutes:        http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2011-07-16/fedora-meeting.2011-07-16-05.35.html
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Ankur: "FranciscoD"


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