[fedora-india] Ask Fedora - Next steps

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 05:36:14 UTC 2011


A test instance is now running at


I would like to get some feedback.  So feel free to try it out and if
you have any issues, ping me in irc.   If you are familiar with Django,
let me know.  I would like to add a few new features.

These are the immediate next steps:

* python-dateutil in RHEL is not new enough for Askbot.  Since EPEL
packages cannot touch RHEL core packages,  we got to introduce a
parallel installable version of python-dateutil15 similar to
python-genshi06 in EPEL to solve this problem.  (Owner need)

* A theme to match fedoraproject.org and a logo (Tatica and Satya)

* Work with upstream on a few tweaks and import that version in EPEL.  
I am doing this

* Configure Askbot email settings in the test instance and make sure
everything works (PJP?)

*  Configure Askbot to use memcached in the test instance.  I tried this
but there are some issues.  I will look into more but I could use help


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