[fedora-india] [Fwd: Re: [Fedora Freemedia] #6429: Krishna Moorthy A from INDIA wants a i386 DVD.]

Ashwin ashwin.lists at gmail.com
Tue Mar 8 12:10:03 UTC 2011

On 03/08/2011 10:52 AM, Ankur Sinha wrote:
> I've asked him to outline what he felt was easier in Ubuntu, so we could
> see what Fedora is doing.

I spent a lot of time (more than a year) and energy with a friend of 
mine  and he finally started using Linux i.e. Fedora. Obviously I have 
provided the latest versions of the installation DVDs to him as and when 
he wanted. Helped him install etc.

Now, as recent as two weeks back, after getting a Ubuntu CD from someone 
/ somewhere, my friend tells me, he finds Ubuntu much easier and better 
than Fedora and will stick to Ubuntu.

In case you want to further know (first hand information)  you can get 
in touch with him (copying him in the cc: as he is not on the list).

I continue to be a everyday Fedora user myself, but it difficult to 
influence personal tastes I believe. :)

with Regards,

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