[fedora-india] Anonymous contributors in Fedora

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 11:15:29 UTC 2011


Someone asked me offline if Fedora allows one to remain anonymous and I
have answered it but perhaps this info would benefit others. As far as I
know, it is a requirement that you give your full name and other
information as specified in the Fedora account system while joining as a
contributor but can choose to mark all of the information except your id
(can be a nickname) and email address as private information.   You
could potentially give false data while signing up and my understanding
is that,  this is not a liability for Fedora (we might required to
remove the account if we get to know however) but one
practical/administration problem with remaining completely anonymous is
that you cannot be sponsored or reimbursed for any of your expenses by
Fedora Project since banks would require a identity to transfer cash
to.  If this isn't something you will ever need as a contributor, it is
possibly to remain anonymous for all practical purposes.   None of this
covers the legal aspects but that isn't my area of expertise and I
cannot give you advice on that.  Contact legal AT fedoraproject.org for


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