[fedora-india] Becoming a Fedora package maintainer, easier than ever

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Tue Mar 15 05:38:32 UTC 2011

On 03/15/2011 10:28 AM, Ashwin wrote:
> Well, I am attempting to be a "co-maintainer" so I hope the maintainer
> has also noticed this email. Looks like there is a need to wait for a reply.

I don't push the latest upstream releases to all maintained Fedora
releases.  This is following the update policy at


Having said that,  if you have done a update for the Fedora 14 branch, 
put up a updated spec file or a patch somewhere and I will review the

>  From the same page - Section on Access - "You must be sponsored in a 
> group (other than the CLA groups)", so who can sponsor whom ? Is there 
> any "co-maintainer" group ?


There isn't a specific group for co-maintainers.  All package
maintainers are in the same group.   Packages in Fedora have a primary
maintainer who is directly responsible for maintenance and
co-maintainers (can be more than one) help out. 


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