[fedora-india] Embedded Nirvana and ENvent OnePointZero

Suchakra suchakra at gmail.com
Wed Mar 16 19:18:46 UTC 2011


With some help of active volunteers and industry guys, we have formed
a group called Embedded Nirvana (earlier named as OpenARMLab). The
group is related to Linux on devices and the use of Open Source tools
for their development. More details can be found at the blog/site [1]
and the wiki [2]. The activity is still in its nascent state (its been
5-6 months) but still we have been able to gather genuinely interested
guys in our meets usually held at Embedded Design Center, CoEP (Pune).

There has also been a Fedora 13 'Embedded Studio' configured
exclusively for embedded Linux development (contains toolchains,
emulators, pre-configured kernels, samples etc) and is currently a
virtual machine (VMware and VBox image) However, we plan to create a
standalone distribution out of it - maybe a Fedora Spin dedicated to
embedded linux development related to specific Architectures/Vendors?
(ideas and support on this matter is more than welcome!)

More importantly, we are organizing an tutorial/hands-on kind of event
for CoEP students on 26th March 2011, details of which are at [3]. A
second event, which shall be open to everyone shall be conducted soon,
the details of which I'll post here soon.

I hope interested guys here will contribute to our venture by writing
articles and attending our weekly meets. I know its me and Tuxdna from
this list who have been hanging out lately to bring it to this state
along with experienced contributors from all over Pune.

[1] http://embeddednirvana.org
[2] http://wiki.embeddednirvana.org
[3] http://wiki.embeddednirvana.org/about-envent


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