[fedora-india] Fudcon Pune Booklet

Amit Shah amitshah at gmx.net
Tue Oct 18 06:30:34 UTC 2011

On (Tue) 18 Oct 2011 [01:28:50], Ankur Sinha wrote:
> Hello,
> I've all but finished the booklet. Please have a look at it here[1]
> TODOs:
> - "In this booklet"
> - COEP as sponsor (Suchakra, would you have a logo I could use here?)
> - Do we need more places mapped?

I think we're fine with this list; but could we have a better map?
This looks like a 3D map flattened out; a simple 2D one would look
better IMO.

> - Anything else?

Yes!  Too! many! exclamations! for! FUDPub! text!

Maybe the last one can be removed.  Others are OK.

Also1: COEP people have an inauguration ceremony planned on Friday from
8 AM.  Please mention that, and have people come there on time.

The registration desk will be set up at least at 8, but hopefully at 7
that morning.

Also2: The first page has a couple of nits: the mehendi logo goes
beyond the blue background on the top edge, and the 'fudcon' text in
the logo looks unevenly spaced.

Otherwise, looks really good!


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