[fedora-india] how create mkinitramfs & fedora src kernel

Lakshmipathi.G lakshmipathi.g at gmail.com
Sat Sep 17 09:36:32 UTC 2011

Hi -
I have downloaded & complied a kernel version 2.6.35. Now I need to create
initramfs - I found that fedora doesn't have mkinitramfs command.
It has something called dracut. I tried to use it "dracut
initramfs.2.6.35.img 2.6.35"  and edited menu.lst.
But the kernel is not booting .No error message (I assume it because it
fails to find initramfs).

Any one tried mkinitramfs with Fedora? I tried mkinitrd -it fails too.

I'm still using Fedora 12

Question 2:
Anyone installed kernel source ? I
download src rpm It has lot of patches.When I
tried apply few of them got rejected. why Fedora doesn't provide their
kernel with all these patches applied by themselves rather than expecting
end-user to spent their time in apply/debugging it?

FOSS Programmer.
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