[fedora-india] Need to improve Fedora Hardware compatibilty & Gnome3

Navdeep Singh Sidhu navdeepsingh.sidhu95 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 17:28:36 UTC 2011

Recently working using fedora 15 on my Dell laptop becomes pain in my neck.
So i figure out that linux & fedora needs a lot of improvement to do. So i
come up with a list that i thinks lacks in Fedora & Gnome 3.


   - Hardware drivers like for  Canon printers needs to be update. Some
   drivers are missing or not avail.
   - Drivers for wifi card & Bluetooth devices are not available. (Like 9
   out of 10 dell laptops doesn't detect wifi card on fedora. For eg..in my
   case i have intel centrino 6230 wificard it doesn't works on fedora but in
   Ubuntu it works. Same with HP & Toshiba but better than dell)
   - Bugs in wifi drivers (Some time wifi card detects the network but don't
   connect to it or some time get connect but automatically disconnects. there
   is no problem with network settings i have checked on many computers. )

In Gnome 3:-

   - Drag & Drop functions are really poor.
   - At some places there are really need of drag & drop.
   - Lack of themes.
   - Missing the wobbly effect of windows in Gnome.
   - Need to improve locations & organization of application launcher in
   Gnome 3(it is very time consuming to launch an application from start menu).
   - Stability of Gnome3(I don't know what is the reason behind this but
   people ofen ask me that gnome 3 some time crashes but it is very rare.)

These are not my personal views people love fedora but some time the above
problems stops them to use this distro. i personally likes Fedora but my
laptop is not fully compatible with it. These are views collected from
different people who are connected to me via field of Linux.
I really hate when some people say that Windows have more in built drivers
than Linux or Hardware compatibility of Linux is poor than Windows.
So i think that these are required changes to be made in Fedora or people
want these changes to be made. I really want to  thank programmers & people
who are contributing there knowledge to Open source & Linux helping to make
Linux better and more better.

Navdeep Singh
Core Member
Technical Students Society's Panel <http://www.facebook.com/tssgndu>,
Founder & President
The Linux Club <http://www.linuxgndu.webs.com/>,
Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar
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