[fedora-india] Need to improve Fedora Hardware compatibilty & Gnome3

Arun Prakash arunprakash.pts at gmail.com
Wed Sep 21 19:15:24 UTC 2011


 i figure out that linux & fedora needs a lot of improvement to do.
Definitely. I personally feel Fedora 14 is better than 15.

>    - Bugs in wifi drivers (Some time wifi card detects the network but
>    don't connect to it or some time get connect but automatically disconnects.
>    there is no problem with network settings i have checked on many computers.
>    )
> Frequently asks for passwords again and again to connect to poor WiFi
Also Mobile Broadband (update) has bug, it doesnt connect to network most of
the times, which already worked fine.

>    - Drag & Drop functions are really poor.
> When two or more files are drag and drop from anywhere to NTFS Drive ,
nautilus crashes.

>    - Missing the wobbly effect of windows in Gnome.
> Also the CPU usage is more in Fedora 15.

>    - Need to improve locations & organization of application launcher in
>    Gnome 3(it is very time consuming to launch an application from start menu).
> Moving from Windows to applications is slow always( also i dont know
shortcut after F1).


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