[fedora-india] FUDCon India Sep 23 2011 IRC meeting mins

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Fri Sep 23 13:40:49 UTC 2011



Meeting summary

    Roll Call (jsmith, 13:08:14)
    Status updates (jsmith, 13:10:38)
(mether, 13:10:42)
        Getting t-shirt samples to verify quality (jsmith, 13:15:39)
        Invitation letters are being sent as passport details are
received (jsmith, 13:15:56)
        http://fudcon.fedoraproject.org/APAC/ has been updated (mether,
        looking at COD http://usecod.com/ for handling event
registration etc. Testing outside Fedora infrastructure for now (mether,
        FAD tomorrow at Red Hat office ->
https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Pune_2011_Sep_24. We have split up
the agenda because we have more interest than we have the space for.
Next one should be in Oct 8th. Waiting on confirmation from COEP
(mether, 13:18:35)
        Vendor chosen for catering. Should be completely confirmed by
next week (jsmith, 13:22:28)
bottom right menu is the one we have picked (mether, 13:22:34)
        FUDPub location decided. Still looking at vendor for drinks
(jsmith, 13:25:31)
        potential co-sponsors are still in discussions (jsmith, 13:25:31)
        ACTION: jsmith to write the welcome letter (jsmith, 13:25:38)
        Booklet is almost done, pending the welcome letter (jsmith,

    Any other business? (jsmith, 13:36:53)

Meeting ended at 13:37:25 UTC (full logs).

Action items

    jsmith to write the welcome letter

Action items, by person

        jsmith to write the welcome letter

People present (lines said)

    jsmith (38)
    mether (32)
    zodbot (6)
    gomix (1)
    rbergeron (0)
    spot (0)


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