[fedora-india] how to reset root password in Fedora 10

Sanjeev Kumar Mittal skm.works at gmail.com
Mon Dec 3 21:51:08 UTC 2012


I am finding this strange problem, that on booting it dont stop for options
and straight away login without asking any credentials and I guess it logs
in as user mode.
However, I wanted to install few updates, etc and hence needed the root
password. Unfortunately I forgot the root password that I would had set at
time of installation.

I did an initial search on net on how to reset the root password, however I
am not able to halt the boot grub and it dont allow me at all, I mean I
dont get any option to edit or append the boot to go in run level 1.

Kindly could any one let me know any clues that what is wrong in my
approach or my installation.

Thanks a lot in advance!


~ Best Regards, sanjeev
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