[fedora-india] Report on Poster Competition

steve steve at lonetwin.net
Fri Jul 5 14:24:26 UTC 2013

Hi Kushal,

This part(*) ...

On Friday 05 July 2013 07:37 PM, Kushal Das wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 5, 2013 at 7:06 PM, steve <steve at lonetwin.net> wrote:
>> erm, Hate text ? What are you speaking about ? ...ah, you confused it with
>> the truth ! Just closing your eyes to the very real problems in this country
>> doesn't automatically make them go away. Saying that we live in a great
>> country where anything like what the text mentioned just doesn't exist or is
>> false or hateful doesn't change jack s**t ! I, for one, applaud the direct
>> 'un-minced' words in that announcement. That said ...

Was simply a response to your statement.

I completely agree with this statement ...
> This whole discussion is meaningless as a part of this mailing list.
> You should also read the discussion on the Ambassador list [1]

and that's exactly what this part(*) of my reply meant :

>> > I wonder about sanity of the people who approved this to be part of
>> > Fedora event.
>> >
> ..ehe, yeah, I think it stretched the shared causes notion a bit too far to
> bunch this with a Fedora event ...maybe having something similar to addressing
> the issue of Women in Tech or for that matter ever LGBT contribution to tech
> would've made sense ...this was a bit too random.

In other words (since I think some people seem to be having trouble parsing my 
reply) my take on the whole thing was:

a. LGTB issues were completely unrelated to anything in a Fedora event.
b. Even if we were to stretch our imagination to include this, it would've been 
more sensible to focus on Women in Tech or for that matter LGTB in tech.

- steve

(*) why are relevant parts of my reply being snipped in responses ? It 
completely distorts the context !!

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