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On Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 2:17 AM, Suchakra <suchakra at gmail.com> wrote:
> To the organizers of this event :
> Drifting apart from the general discussion on whether India is such an
> evil place (as mentioned in the writeup [1]) or not, I'd say that I do
> not see any logic in associating this with Fedora as well as free
> software moment. There are many social forums for that and talking to
> NGOs, staging protests and creating a social awareness movement might
> seriously help if you choose to feel so strongly about it.

Ambassadors are allowed to reach out.

>> >>in which majority of the people are illiterate
>> >
>> > Literacy rate in India was 74.04 % in 2011 that leaves 25.96 %
>> > illiterate...now is this a majority ??
>> The criteria used for this is always disputed.
>> Literacy should mean a minimum level of education.
>> But it never gets implemented that way and surveys are extremely
>> politicized and unreliable.
> If you say so and all results are disputed, how come the text at [1] says in black and white
> that "India is a backward country in which majority of the people are
> illiterate and most of those who are literate have no sex education."

Yes that requires references, but putting them in a 'reaching out'
document is not a good idea.
second part is trivially true.

> It could have said that "we have quite some way to go in terms of
> establishing better sex education and achieving high literacy targets in
> India" This way we won't be wasting so many and electrons writing so
> many mails on the lists

Here is the 2nd revision which was on the site two days:

We hear a number of reports in the media about crimes against women
and minorities on a daily basis. We cannot really remain silent about
these because they stand to affect our lives and safety.

The cause of such a situation can be related to illiteracy of large
sections of the populations, absence of sex education in any form in
the education system, a patriarchal system that curtails the rights of
women and minorities, inadequate and poorly trained law enforcement
forces and inadequate laws. Activists will say that the problem of
dealing with the decadent patriarchy is hard because it has merged
itself with cultural, religious and business practices at the cost of
basic human values. More recently, even the minimalist recommendations
of the Verma commission have not been fully accepted by the Government
resulting in the laws remaining sub-human in nature.

It is no wonder that the human rights abuses of women and LGBT people
is the norm. If you reflect on the issues involved, then you will
realize that the progress of the entire society is affected as a

This poster competition is for highlighting various facets of the
problem and possible egalitarian solutions.


A. Mani

A. Mani

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