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A. Mani a.mani.cms at gmail.com
Thu May 30 22:10:39 UTC 2013

This is part of the extended Cultural Freedom Day event announced earlier
Other parts will follow soon.

We need
1. Two more judges on panel (was not discussed at IRC meet) (with good
command over some related tools)
2. a gallery module for website (wfs-india.org )
3. I believe I should be able to set up the form myself

Also please add/discuss most the draft announces below
(do not cross post... I will manage all that)

Poster Competition on Women's and LGBT Issues

WFS India in collaboration with Glug-Cal, Fedora and Mozilla announces
a poster competition on women's, LGBT and gender-related issues in
India using free software tools as part of the extended Cultural
Freedom Day clebrations.


India is a backward country in which majority of the people are
illiterate and most of those who are literate have no sex education.
Most of the people are brain-washed by the decadent patriarchy that
has merged itself with cultural, religious and business practices at
the cost of basic human values. Even the country's laws are sub-human
in nature.

It is no wonder that the human rights abuses based on gender and sex
is the norm. This poster competition is for highlightng various facets
of the problem and educate people on possible egalitarian solutions.
Obviously, we are also aiming at boosting free software adoption
through the process.

Who Can Participate?

Anybody can participate*.

* We will not be able to send prizes to regions falling outside the
country, but anyway do participate.

What Are We Expecting?

We expect great posters that has one or more of the following attributes:

1. Convey a positive message.
2. Highlight social evils.
3. Demand reforms in a powerful way.
4. Rectify common misconceptions about gender and sex.
5. Convey deeper aspects of the development of social evils.
6. Says something on the participation of women in the free software movement.

Important Dates:

Submission Begins: 3rd June'2013
Last Date of Submission: 14th June'2013
Announcement of Results: 15th June'2013
Gallery Update: By 24th June'2013

How To Participate?

1. Register for event at wfs-india.org
2.  Submit your entry as per the rules below at wfs-india.org
3.  Check your confirmation mail


Competition Rules:

1. A registered participant can submit any number of entries.
2. All entries must be done using free software tools like GIMP,
TeXLive, ImageMagick, TuX Paint, Inkscape, ScanTailor, Scribus, Synfig
Studio, Asymptote and Open Office Draw.
3. All entries must include an outline of the main steps involved and
some proof of the use of tools. A description (in less than 200 words)
of the intended message of the art work should also be included.
4. Entries will be licensed under CCSA-3.0.
5. Photos and other art works used in the poster should be suitably
6. Entries should be no smaller than A4 size and no larger than A2 size.
7. No plagiarism. Submitted posters should not be copies of other
people's work and should involve substantial creativity of the
8. Only entries that pass minimal sanity check will be displayed in
our e-gallery.
9. Decision of the judges will be final and binding.

Panel of Judges:

 A. Mani

Two others

Competition Coordination: A. Mani


Flash drives with Fedora for top three entries.
2 consolation prizes.
Certificates of Merit

How to Participate with no previous exposure to digital art/posters in any form?

The easiest way would be to start with Tux-Paint.



A. Mani

A. Mani

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