[fedora-india] Fedora Activity Day at Pune on 23rd August

Siddhesh Poyarekar siddhesh.poyarekar at gmail.com
Sat Aug 9 06:38:36 UTC 2014


In at attempt to reboot Fedora-related events in Pune, a few of us are
planning on a FAD[1] on the 23rd August at the Red Hat office in
Magarpatta City.

Since this is the first Fedora event in Pune after a fairly long time,
we are taking it a bit slow, which means that we haven't asked for any
budget to fly Fedora contributors over.  That obviously does not mean
that contributors cannot join us on #fedora-india on IRC to work on
things together!  Maybe we could look at the possibility of having a
Google Hangout too.

The tentative theme for the event is along the lines of a Test Day.
It is tentative because (a) only a few of us have unilaterally
proposed and agreed to it (i.e. no feedback from anyone here) and (b)
we haven't yet decided on which components to target.

We can accommodate about 20-30 people.  Suggestions for the event are
most welcome.  Please add yourselves to the attendee list on the wiki
page if you're interested and also if you're attending physically or


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Pune_Aug_2014


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