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On Wed, Nov 12, 2014 at 12:57 AM, Siddhesh Poyarekar  wrote:

> A gentle reminder; this budgeting FAD is on the coming weekend.  It
> would be great to hear from y'all, especially those who have had
> experience in doing this in the past (Rahul!).

Not sure how much of this still is relevant but...

For FUDCon Pune,  most of this was the actual budgeting was handled by Amit
Shah who put up a publicly viewable spreadsheet in Google docs.  We met
pretty regularly and were very meticulous about adding all the details we
could and that level of transparency was much appreciated by people funding
it.  Community arch team also had a wiki page with the overall budget and
what we were spending it in on.


I only pooled in different sources for the overall budget:   The sources I
begged^w asked were Community architecture team which has been superseded
by Open Source and Standards Group (OSAS) in Red Hat, FamSCo which has been
recently superseded by the Outreach Committee,  my manager, FPL and GSS.

>From an overall budgeting perspective, as a general tip,  budgeting in
Fedora sorta works like government allocation.  You have different sources
(not all of them visible) and they sometimes overlap.  It doesn't hurt to
ask wherever you can.

APAC generally received less because we weren't utilizing it enough and
when we really needed it for major events we didn't get it.  This problem
was compounded by several people showing up only for events when funded but
without leaving much of a visible impact or any active contributions.  So
if we consistently utilize all of the budget allotted (in a useful way!),
that is probably going to work out better.  That would involve planning it
out ahead of time for atleast two quarters.  I was aware of this problem
but disliked sitting through IRC meetings to coordinate it.  If you are up
for that, it could be done.

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