[fedora-india] Announcing Python101 workshop on 23rd Jan, 2016

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Fri Jan 8 10:46:38 UTC 2016


As new year 2016 arrives, it's time to learn new things and turn out your
ideas into programs.
Let's gear up for the new fun.

PythonPune is going to organize Python3-101 workshop on 23rd Jan, 2016 at
Red Hat, Pune (India) Office.
It is a Hands-on workshop.

Agenda: Learn the basics of Python and write some useful code.

Topics Covered:
- Variable and Data types
- Operators and expressions
- Control flows
- Data structures
- Strings
- Functions
- Modules
- File Operations
- ** write some useful code **

** The attendees should be
- Familiar with basics of Programming

** A laptop with minimum python 3.4.x installed.
- Linux machine/virtual machine (preferred).
- Python3 Installation Steps:

[1.] Kushal Das - CPython Core Developer, Fedora Cloud Engineer
[2.] Sayan Chowdhury -  Fedora Infrastructure Engineer
[3.] Praveen Kumar - Container wrangler

How to Register:
Click on the meetup event page
http://www.meetup.com/PythonPune/events/227936145/ and Do RSVP to yes.


Chandan Kumar
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