[Fedora-infrastructure-list] More Servers for PHX Colo

Stacy J. Brandenburg sbranden at redhat.com
Wed Aug 16 23:01:28 UTC 2006

CVS is not backed up.  The fedora bits released are.

As for failover, (KNOCK ON WOOD), we have not had a failure in the DC. 
Not to mention if we do, fedora is least of our worries honestly....

We can leverage TPA if needed and you can free up servers for it though.

Mike McGrath wrote:
> One more thing we need to address in the not-to-distant future is a DR
> plan.  I'm sure we don't need anything fancy, as far as essentials
> we'd need our primary mirror, builders, accounting and VCS.  We'd also
> need our primary website (wiki) to communicate with our developers and
> end users.  At present the wiki is at Duke.  I'll probably start
> backing it up to the colo weekly with incrementals so we can mitigate
> that risk if Duke goes bye bye.
> I'm not sure where this is on our radar but the Phoenix colo is our
> primary site and if something happened to it, the Fedora Project as a
> whole might be in trouble.  Unless there are some internal backups
> being done I'm not aware of.  Well, except for Core.  I'm not sure
> where the primary core cvs/look aside cache resides.
>           -Paranoid Mike :)

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