[Fedora-infrastructure-list] Welcome new people

Мазай rassylkaformazaj at ukr.net
Sun Aug 20 14:56:16 UTC 2006

Hello Mike,

Thanks for your letter. I guess new people could save some time for
"Leaders" for other job, or finish some projects faster. Just let us
know ;)


MM> I've changed "owner" to "project leader" since really many of these
MM> tasks should be multi person.  Also many people go to the project page
MM> and see that all the tasks are 'taken' not realizing that there's
MM> still much much work to be done.  Anyone who has already taken
MM> leadership with one project I'd encourage a status report sent to the
MM> list if you're inters ted in some more hands on it.

Or place a note in a Wiki if help is needed.

MM>  The multi-tier
MM> security stuff is coming soon so we should be able to open up our
MM> resources to more people without putting us at any additional risk :)

MM> To the new people, welcome.  Most of our communication happens here,
MM> in the Thursday meetings or on the Wiki.  The lay of the land is
MM> pretty simple, make sure you're vocal about what you want to work on
MM> and let the infrastructure-list/project leader know.  People come and
MM> go all the time and any help that can be lended will be useful.
MM> Become familiar with the wiki page.  If you have any questions feel
MM> free to ask me or anyone else on the list.  It may seem like
MM> everything is taken but really everyone could use a hand from time to
MM> time.

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