[Fedora-infrastructure-list] Meeting log - 2006-07-06

Elliot Lee sopwith at redhat.com
Fri Jul 7 20:26:17 UTC 2006

Hey all,

Here's the log from yesterday's meeting in case you missed it... Thanks to everyone who came!

-- Elliot
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Jul 06 16:02:52 <mmcgrath>	as always: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Infrastructure/Schedule is on the todo (damn it got big!)
Jul 06 16:03:05 <mmcgrath>	Who's here today?
Jul 06 16:03:05 <mmcgrath>	I am
Jul 06 16:03:15 *	lmacken raises his hand
Jul 06 16:03:16 <abompard>	yup
Jul 06 16:03:22 <lyz|wrk>	here
Jul 06 16:03:25 <abadger1999>	present
Jul 06 16:03:46 <jcmoore>	jcmoore==tgrman
Jul 06 16:03:48 <mmcgrath>	is PasqualMilvaques here?  (sorry, I don't know his nic)
Jul 06 16:04:36 *	warren here
Jul 06 16:04:38 <mmcgrath>	guess not, So we'll skip item 1 for now "Step 1: Create homepage for admin.fedoraproject.org"
Jul 06 16:04:52 <mmcgrath>	Number 2, how are the systems upgrades going?
Jul 06 16:05:21 <mmcgrath>	looks like we're missing a few people today
Jul 06 16:05:23 ---	[jcmoore] (n=jcmoore at unaffiliated/tgrman) : Curt Moore
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Jul 06 16:05:26 <Sopwith>	iwolf is probably around
Jul 06 16:05:35 <Sopwith>	and jcmoore was wanting to help with the db upgrade (Curt, are you here?)
Jul 06 16:05:49 <jcmoore>	Yes, jcmoore==tgrman
Jul 06 16:05:52 <mmcgrath>	iwolf: ping
Jul 06 16:05:55 ---	tgrman :No such nick/channel
Jul 06 16:06:22 <jcmoore>	iWolf and I have been corresponding, still planning on doing it "soon"
Jul 06 16:06:50 <mmcgrath>	Thats good.  Have anything to report besides soon?  We can always go back to it.
Jul 06 16:07:06 <Sopwith>	jcmoore: Any bottlenecks besides finding the time for the actual switchover?
Jul 06 16:07:34 <jcmoore>	no, i think the plan is the same as the one I posted to the list. Just need to find the time.
Jul 06 16:08:20 <mmcgrath>	lmacken: how's the firewall stuff going?
Jul 06 16:08:29 <lmacken>	So yeah.  I just imported the pyroman code + a basic profile for our infrastruct
Jul 06 16:08:32 <lmacken>	ure systems in to cvs (cvs-int:/cvs/fedora/pyroman).  This is not 100% done yet though, it still needs to be configured to allow traffic to any services, but th
Jul 06 16:08:35 <lmacken>	e more eyes we have on this -- the better.
Jul 06 16:08:43 <lmacken>	damn irssi
Jul 06 16:08:59 <lmacken>	you should be able to check it out on any machine, and run ./pyroman --dump to spit out all of the chains
Jul 06 16:09:12 <lmacken>	so feel free to test, and hack on it.
Jul 06 16:09:13 <mmcgrath>	awesome.
Jul 06 16:09:20 <lmacken>	i'll drop a line to infrastructure-list tonight with all of the details
Jul 06 16:09:27 <abompard>	great, I'll definately have a look at it
Jul 06 16:09:31 <lmacken>	excellent :)
Jul 06 16:09:33 <mmcgrath>	it'll be good to get that up and going.
Jul 06 16:09:53 <mmcgrath>	Next item then, turbo gears.
Jul 06 16:10:10 <mmcgrath>	Who all is working on that and whats the status?
Jul 06 16:10:15 <lmacken>	ok
Jul 06 16:10:28 <lmacken>	I bumped TurboGears in FC-5 and rawhide today up to 0.8.9
Jul 06 16:10:47 <lmacken>	there is still an open bug to bump the rawhide version to the latest alpha, which is blocked on a python-ruledispatch review request
Jul 06 16:11:07 <lmacken>	so, the latest stable version (0.8.9) went through our buildsystem a couple of hours ago, and should be available
Jul 06 16:11:43 <lmacken>	i'll work on pushing python-ruledispatch through this weekend
Jul 06 16:11:49 <lmacken>	so we can have 0.9a5 in devel
Jul 06 16:12:01 *	iWolf wanders back in....
Jul 06 16:12:09 <mmcgrath>	thats good.  Just so everyone knows could you go back over what we're going to be using TurboGears for?
Jul 06 16:12:14 <mmcgrath>	whats up iWolf!
Jul 06 16:12:29 <iWolf>	mmcgrath: not much!  Sorry I was pulled away.
Jul 06 16:12:38 <lmacken>	mmcgrath: i was told it is going to be used for the account system rewrite, and the extras database
Jul 06 16:13:11 <lmacken>	and probably any other web apps we need to quickly crank out in the future
Jul 06 16:13:15 <mmcgrath>	got'cha
Jul 06 16:13:28 <lmacken>	but ignacio has been MIA, so we needed to whip the package into shape
Jul 06 16:13:49 <mmcgrath>	k.
Jul 06 16:13:57 <mmcgrath>	iWolf: how's the documentation/backup stuff going?
Jul 06 16:14:11 <mmcgrath>	dgilmore is in on that too
Jul 06 16:14:30 <iWolf>	mmcgrath: I have the dist-conf up there, current backups (with a link to the pros and cons dgilmore has up).
Jul 06 16:14:50 <iWolf>	I still need to throw some more info about fedora-config on there.
Jul 06 16:15:13 <mmcgrath>	Yeah
Jul 06 16:15:35 <mmcgrath>	dgilmore: how's the backup stuff coming?  I've seen the wiki.
Jul 06 16:16:50 <mmcgrath>	we'll come back to that.
Jul 06 16:17:07 <mmcgrath>	Its probably time I move nagios and OTRS to the 'installed' queue
Jul 06 16:17:19 <mmcgrath>	we had a ticket master last week but I don't think he's here.
Jul 06 16:17:24 <mmcgrath>	I'll post to the list about that.
Jul 06 16:17:47 <mmcgrath>	next item Legacy CVS.  I installed that late last night.  Still waiting to hear back from f13 if its to his needs.
Jul 06 16:17:54 <mmcgrath>	and the free servers.
Jul 06 16:18:04 <mmcgrath>	at one point in time we had no use for them.  What are the thoughts now sopwith?
Jul 06 16:18:48 <iWolf>	mmcgrath: I like the idea of another db server, especially since jcmoore has come experience in that realm.
Jul 06 16:18:56 <Sopwith>	asdf
Jul 06 16:18:58 <Sopwith>	argh
Jul 06 16:19:05 <iWolf>	mmcgrath: It would help eliminate one of our few SPOF.
Jul 06 16:19:22 <Sopwith>	So I still don't understand the need for a Legacy server separate from the existing build system
Jul 06 16:19:34 <mmcgrath>	Me either, that was f13's call.
Jul 06 16:19:37 <lmacken>	f13: ping ?
Jul 06 16:19:56 <f13>	lmacken: pong
Jul 06 16:20:16 <lmacken>	f13: just trying to get your attention ;)
Jul 06 16:20:31 <mmcgrath>	we're talking about the free servers.
Jul 06 16:20:36 <f13>	so there was concern when I first brought up LEgacy that it should run its own plague instance but could use existing builders perhaps
Jul 06 16:21:02 *	rordway is here
Jul 06 16:21:06 <f13>	part of that concern was permissions, where to get CVS from, where to send the packages, whats in teh buildroots, etc...
Jul 06 16:21:08 *	rordway just got back from vacation
Jul 06 16:21:15 <mmcgrath>	rordway: our ticket master.  We'll go back to that in a sec.
Jul 06 16:22:39 <lmacken>	are we will contemplating getting this new server ? or is it a done deal ?
Jul 06 16:23:11 <Sopwith>	rordway!
Jul 06 16:23:26 <rordway>	sorry I'm late, I've been catching up and fixing servers that broke while I was gone :-(
Jul 06 16:23:35 <mmcgrath>	lmacken: they're a done deal if we want them.  But A) do we need them B) do we have space for them?
Jul 06 16:23:46 <mmcgrath>	no sense in maintaining servers we don't need.
Jul 06 16:24:55 <lmacken>	true
Jul 06 16:25:10 <rordway>	Sopwith: greetings
Jul 06 16:25:34 <mmcgrath>	The way I understand it we have to decide asap or they're just gone.
Jul 06 16:25:41 <rordway>	I got a few minutes to poke at the metrics code. I may be able to do some of the back-end data gathering stuff, but I'm not much of an interfaces person :-)
Jul 06 16:26:16 <Sopwith>	rordway: OK. Data gathering is where you can get the most improvement with the least effort at the moment - the current UI is basically there, even if it is awful.
Jul 06 16:26:20 <f13>	mmcgrath: with as much difference as Legacy has initially, it seems we probably do need our own server to start with.
Jul 06 16:26:29 <f13>	mmcgrath: at a later time, the server could be repurposed
Jul 06 16:26:37 <Sopwith>	mmcgrath: I should call Stacy right now to find out if we have rack space.
Jul 06 16:26:48 <f13>	its awful overkill for what we need, but at least we get the server.
Jul 06 16:26:56 <lmacken>	we definitely can put it to use
Jul 06 16:27:10 <lmacken>	especially when the update system becomes external
Jul 06 16:27:16 <Sopwith>	Someone want to be in charge of spending Dell's money?
Jul 06 16:27:36 <rordway>	Sopwith: cool, is there a TODO list of data sources?
Jul 06 16:27:39 <lmacken>	well, do we want it in rdu or westford ?
Jul 06 16:27:43 <lmacken>	or elsewhere
Jul 06 16:28:03 <mmcgrath>	Sopwith: buhhhh
Jul 06 16:28:09 <Sopwith>	lmacken: the PHX colo, most likely...?
Jul 06 16:28:13 <mmcgrath>	oh, these servers could go wherever.  The last ones went to Duke.
Jul 06 16:28:15 <Sopwith>	Or Seth could host it I suppose
Jul 06 16:28:38 <Sopwith>	Someone should just order them and we can figure out the hosting later.
Jul 06 16:28:49 <Sopwith>	If nothing else they can sit in wwoods cube running the Fedora test grid...
Jul 06 16:28:49 <lmacken>	agreed
Jul 06 16:28:49 <rordway>	Sopwith: I could see about hosting at OSU OSL
Jul 06 16:29:07 <f13>	PHX probably best, near where the builders are
Jul 06 16:29:19 <Sopwith>	So, who wants to take care of the details of spending Dell's money? :)
Jul 06 16:29:21 <lmacken>	out of curiosity, who is in PHX that managages those machines ?
Jul 06 16:29:30 <f13>	because Legacy could use it as a plague host as well as a staging box for pushing updates.
Jul 06 16:29:55 <mmcgrath>	Sopwith: send me the details.  I'll take it.
Jul 06 16:29:58 <Sopwith>	lmacken: Stacy Brandenberg manages the colo as a whole.
Jul 06 16:30:21 <Sopwith>	mmcgrath: The info was in Matt Domsch's post on fedora-infrastructure-list - beyond that, it's mostly an issue of deciding on the details.
Jul 06 16:30:37 ---	[nate] (n=nate at : gaim
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Jul 06 16:32:13 <Sopwith>	e.g. I'm not sure what DRAC or rackmount hardware we need, and I didn't like the idea of having only 3 big disks...
Jul 06 16:32:19 <mmcgrath>	oh, got'cha.
Jul 06 16:32:20 <iWolf>	Sopwith:  I have an email from Stacy (sent to the Sysadmin list) saying Fedora has 20U left.
Jul 06 16:32:24 <mmcgrath>	I'll take a look then
Jul 06 16:32:31 <Sopwith>	iwolf: Oh cool
Jul 06 16:32:49 <mmcgrath>	In that case we're probably good then...
Jul 06 16:32:54 <iWolf>	Sopwith: He sent it on 5/27 if you end up checking the archives.
Jul 06 16:33:08 <Sopwith>	iwolf: OK, we're fine then.
Jul 06 16:33:48 <mmcgrath>	anyone know how the xfer script is going?
Jul 06 16:34:02 *	Sopwith looks
Jul 06 16:34:08 <mmcgrath>	j8sun isn't around so I'm not sure..
Jul 06 16:34:18 <Sopwith>	Come to think of it, I haven't been getting those e-mails, so at least the rerouting part worked
Jul 06 16:34:40 <Sopwith>	woohoo, yup it's working
Jul 06 16:34:45 <Sopwith>	bastion:/var/xferlogarchive
Jul 06 16:34:48 <mmcgrath>	well there you go
Jul 06 16:35:38 <mmcgrath>	That reminds me, skvidal gave me a script that basically can be run once an hour to test our mirrors.
Jul 06 16:35:47 <mmcgrath>	Its better than nothing and would work until we find a permant solution.
Jul 06 16:36:43 <mmcgrath>	Forwarding to the list now...
Jul 06 16:36:51 <Sopwith>	cool
Jul 06 16:37:29 <mmcgrath>	It needs a place in CVS for the time being so seth can make changes to it.  Its rough but should work.
Jul 06 16:37:54 <mmcgrath>	rordway: how's the metrics stuff going?
Jul 06 16:39:41 <rordway>	mmcgrath: took a look at the code over the weekend, I told Sopwith I think I could do some of the back-end data gathering, but I'm not much of an interface person
Jul 06 16:39:58 <mmcgrath>	got'cha, I'm not either.
Jul 06 16:40:11 <mmcgrath>	we'll wait till you've had a bit more time to look over it.
Jul 06 16:40:16 <rordway>	k
Jul 06 16:40:33 <mmcgrath>	anyone have anything on mirror management?  j8sun's gone.
Jul 06 16:40:47 <Sopwith>	Damian was looking at it a bit as well
Jul 06 16:40:57 <mmcgrath>	he's gone too :-D
Jul 06 16:41:03 <lmacken>	hmm.. what is this blob of code that just popped up on infra-list ?
Jul 06 16:41:08 <Sopwith>	He e-mailed me today asking about some details of the hardware tracker, sounds like he should be back next week or so
Jul 06 16:41:31 <lmacken>	looks like seth started writing some code
Jul 06 16:41:43 <mmcgrath>	its kind of a mirror monitoring script
Jul 06 16:42:09 <mmcgrath>	or a yum plugin or something :-D
Jul 06 16:42:15 <mmcgrath>	I haven't had a whole lot of time to look at it myself
Jul 06 16:42:41 <lmacken>	it looks like it generates a 'good' mirrorlist
Jul 06 16:43:00 <mmcgrath>	yeah, we'll stick it in cron.
Jul 06 16:43:05 <lmacken>	we could toss it into cvs/svn and start building our 'mirror management system' around it
Jul 06 16:43:05 -->	skvidal (n=skvidal at fedora/skvidal) has joined #fedora-admin
Jul 06 16:43:06 <mmcgrath>	he's on his way in.
Jul 06 16:43:07 <skvidal>	hi
Jul 06 16:43:08 <mmcgrath>	welcome skvidal
Jul 06 16:43:33 <skvidal>	I was just implementing using python and some code from yum something similar to what the centos scripts were doing
Jul 06 16:43:39 <skvidal>	what I haven't done is this:
Jul 06 16:43:52 <skvidal>	1. no db use - I'm just writing out flat files and then returning them based on geoip
Jul 06 16:44:04 <skvidal>	2. no special marking of how often a mirror is out of sync
Jul 06 16:44:11 <skvidal>	so there are all sorts of optimizations that can go on
Jul 06 16:44:18 <daMaestro>	awesome
Jul 06 16:44:32 <--	tibbs has quit (Remote closed the connection)
Jul 06 16:44:33 <skvidal>	I was just playing around while away and thought I'd mess with this problem to see how hard it would be with yum modules
Jul 06 16:44:56 <skvidal>	it's really quite simple code, actually.
Jul 06 16:45:05 <skvidal>	I'll send a new version some time tonight when I'm finished playing around
Jul 06 16:45:34 <skvidal>	I'd like to get a config file working properly and have a proof of functionality for the geoip stuff - I know it works - just need it to be testable :)
Jul 06 16:46:02 <skvidal>	anyway - that's all that's going on
Jul 06 16:46:04 <mmcgrath>	I'll stick it in onw of the repos soon.
Jul 06 16:46:06 <skvidal>	I'm not wed to this code or the idea
Jul 06 16:46:21 <mmcgrath>	but its here and better then what we currently have :-D
Jul 06 16:46:23 <skvidal>	I just wanted to do something different from what I was doing at the moment
Jul 06 16:46:41 <skvidal>	so if anyone wants to say 'boy that's stupid' I won't be offended :)
Jul 06 16:46:45 <mmcgrath>	and this script fully supports ipv6 right?
Jul 06 16:46:47 <mmcgrath>	;-)
Jul 06 16:47:40 <skvidal>	hahahahahah
Jul 06 16:47:43 <lmacken>	heheh
Jul 06 16:47:53 <skvidal>	I dunno if the geoip stuff does or not, to be honest
Jul 06 16:48:10 <mmcgrath>	well we'll let it slip for now.
Jul 06 16:48:20 -->	smooge (n=smooge at pdpc/supporter/bronze/smooge) has joined #fedora-admin
Jul 06 16:48:21 <mmcgrath>	Thanks skvidal.
Jul 06 16:48:36 <mmcgrath>	the next item on the list is the hardware reporting tool.
Jul 06 16:48:39 <mmcgrath>	any idea whats going on with that.
Jul 06 16:49:03 <mmcgrath>	Damian's not here so we'll skip that for now
Jul 06 16:49:51 <mmcgrath>	Since its getting late, does anyone have anything to add to rhlinux.redhat.com migration or Translator's compendium?  If not we'll move to the accounting system
Jul 06 16:50:29 <Sopwith>	nope, nothing with rhlinux
Jul 06 16:51:06 <mmcgrath>	lyz|work: any progress on the requirements gathering?
Jul 06 16:51:25 <lyz|wrk>	you guys got the email today?
Jul 06 16:51:34 <lyz|wrk>	I will update the wiki page when I get home
Jul 06 16:52:07 <mmcgrath>	I must have missed it.  K.
Jul 06 16:52:28 <lyz|wrk>	it was yesterday sorry
Jul 06 16:52:37 <mmcgrath>	Anyone have anything to add?  abompard you've been pretty quiet.
Jul 06 16:52:55 <Sopwith>	lyz: There were a bunch of replies
Jul 06 16:53:01 <abompard>	no, nothing to say at  the moment
Jul 06 16:53:09 <lyz|wrk>	Sopwith, yeah it went well
Jul 06 16:53:14 <mmcgrath>	I see it now.
Jul 06 16:53:26 <mmcgrath>	that one got put into a special folder :-D  big discussion
Jul 06 16:54:37 <mmcgrath>	I see the account system as being our biggest project at the moment.  Should we put together an assigned team for it?
Jul 06 16:55:02 <Sopwith>	Hmm, don't see the need to get too formal. As long as someone persists in pushing the project, it should be good
Jul 06 16:55:08 <rordway>	mmcgrath: just read the message about Cacti, cool! should take a look at NPC, a Nagios Plugin for Cacti which lets you integrate the two
Jul 06 16:55:48 <abompard>	I'll help with the account system, I'm learning Turbogears
Jul 06 16:56:05 <daMaestro>	i'd like to help
Jul 06 16:56:27 <abompard>	unfortunately I've been drowning in work this week, I hope I'll move faster next week
Jul 06 16:56:37 ---	[daMaestro] (n=jon at fedora/damaestro) : Jon
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Jul 06 16:56:40 <mmcgrath>	rordway: I've seen some of those before.  Send me the link mmcgrath at fedoraproject.org I'll take a look.
Jul 06 16:57:03 <rordway>	mmcgrath: will do
Jul 06 16:57:06 <Sopwith>	damaestro: Is this your first time here? Welcome...
Jul 06 16:57:16 <daMaestro>	Sopwith, yes.. and thanks
Jul 06 16:58:06 <lyz|wrk>	gotta run guys
Jul 06 16:58:16 <lyz|wrk>	be around later
Jul 06 16:58:16 <Sopwith>	later lyz, thanks again
Jul 06 16:58:26 <lyz|wrk>	welcome :)
Jul 06 16:58:30 <--	lyz|wrk has quit ("Leaving")
Jul 06 16:59:44 <mmcgrath>	oh, and for those that havne't seen it, I have SVN up and running.
Jul 06 16:59:51 <--	rdieter has quit ("Konversation terminated!")
Jul 06 16:59:53 <mmcgrath>	fedora extras 5 is currently in there.
Jul 06 17:00:07 <mmcgrath>	play with it, send acl requests my way.
Jul 06 17:00:23 <mmcgrath>	other than that we're at the 1 hour mark.  Does anyone have anything else they'd like to add?
Jul 06 17:00:33 <daMaestro>	what is going on with the accounts system?
Jul 06 17:00:49 <rordway>	be back in a sec, phone call
Jul 06 17:00:50 <daMaestro>	what is going on with zope and plone for the new site? PAS?
Jul 06 17:00:54 <mmcgrath>	DaMaestro: are you on the fedora-infrastructure-list ?
Jul 06 17:00:59 <daMaestro>	i am not.
Jul 06 17:01:17 <mmcgrath>	zope and plone I don't know about.  Aren't we waiting for abompard on those?  (I might have made that up)
Jul 06 17:01:27 <Sopwith>	nman64 is the main web dude
Jul 06 17:01:30 <abompard>	mmcgrath: you made that up :)
Jul 06 17:01:32 <mmcgrath>	https://www.redhat.com/mailman/listinfo/fedora-infrastructure-list
Jul 06 17:01:33 <daMaestro>	abompard, did you get my mail?
Jul 06 17:01:41 <iWolf>	I am headed out guys... As usual I will catch up via the logs for the after meeting chat!  Later!
Jul 06 17:01:46 <mmcgrath>	later iWolf.
Jul 06 17:01:55 <daMaestro>	mmcgrath, thanks.. i will get signed up now
Jul 06 17:02:09 <abompard>	daMaestro: yes, I need to update zope and plone, I'll do it asap
Jul 06 17:02:09 <mmcgrath>	daMastro: we currently have an accounts thread going on that list "Account system updates"
Jul 06 17:02:29 <abadger1999>	daMaestro: https://www.redhat.com/mailman/private/fedora-infrastructure-list/2006-July/msg00009.html
Jul 06 17:02:33 <abadger1999>	(The thread)
Jul 06 17:03:28 <abompard>	Are we (sysadmins) concerned by to move to Zope/Plone, or is it purely the websites group concern ?
Jul 06 17:03:32 <daMaestro>	abompard, you are welcome to change the plone install location to the software_home.. it makes more sense to me now
Jul 06 17:03:49 <mmcgrath>	I think its a functional thing.  I'm not really sure what all they want exactly.
Jul 06 17:03:51 <abompard>	daMaestro: yes, that's what I'll do
Jul 06 17:04:00 <mmcgrath>	daMaestro: have you been working with nman64 on this?
Jul 06 17:04:34 <daMaestro>	i should be.. but not directly
Jul 06 17:04:45 <daMaestro>	i pretty much take care of the fedora unity plone sites and servers
Jul 06 17:05:03 <mmcgrath>	Make sure to get him involved with all of this.  He's the web guy around here.
Jul 06 17:05:04 <daMaestro>	so i have some time under my belt with managing ldap and plone
Jul 06 17:05:08 <daMaestro>	ok
Jul 06 17:05:23 <daMaestro>	yeah.. he listens to my blab in the -unity channel
Jul 06 17:05:39 <mmcgrath>	I once bolded my name in my wiki page and he killed my family with a spoon!
Jul 06 17:06:11 <rordway>	ouch
Jul 06 17:06:13 <abompard>	mmcgrath: rotf
Jul 06 17:06:37 <daMaestro>	mmcgrath, but plone PAS is pretty sweet.. would work well
Jul 06 17:06:51 <daMaestro>	still needs a little touch up with the patches to LDAPMultiPlugins
Jul 06 17:06:55 <daMaestro>	but I am working on it
Jul 06 17:08:38 <mmcgrath>	solid
Jul 06 17:08:54 <mmcgrath>	Anyone else have anything to bring up?
Jul 06 17:09:08 <skvidal>	one thing
Jul 06 17:09:23 <skvidal>	does anyone other than me think mmcgrath is doing some great stuff here?
Jul 06 17:09:37 <skvidal>	it seems like everytime I turn around he's taken care of another big chunk of stuff
Jul 06 17:09:43 <skvidal>	so, just for the record - mmcgrath you rock
Jul 06 17:10:01 <mmcgrath>	hahahah awww, thanks.
Jul 06 17:10:31 <skvidal>	thank you!
Jul 06 17:10:38 *	abompard agrees
Jul 06 17:10:52 <mmcgrath>	I do what I can.
Jul 06 17:10:55 <Sopwith>	three cheers :)
Jul 06 17:10:56 ---	You are no longer marked as being away
Jul 06 17:11:03 *	skvidal nows goes back to my regular sarcasm and cynicism
Jul 06 17:11:16 <mmcgrath>	hahah.
Jul 06 17:11:38 <mmcgrath>	I'm still waiting for my pay checks and backpay..  Sopwith said they're on the way :-D
Jul 06 17:11:58 <Sopwith>	haha
Jul 06 17:12:24 <abompard>	ok guys, later on the list
Jul 06 17:13:03 <mmcgrath>	alrighty, anything else?  We'll close the meeting in 30.
Jul 06 17:13:11 <rordway>	skvidal: talked to Corey Shields at OSU OSL, he says if we need any space to give him a ping
Jul 06 17:13:15 <skvidal>	mmcgrath: some of us make really great references - isn't that a good payback? :)
Jul 06 17:13:21 <skvidal>	rordway: okie doke
Jul 06 17:13:28 <mmcgrath>	skvidal: its awesome payback :-D
Jul 06 17:14:42 <rordway>	skvidal: cshields at osuosl.org he says you might still think he's at IU
Jul 06 17:14:42 <--	abompard has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
Jul 06 17:14:48 <skvidal>	rordway: :)
Jul 06 17:15:20 <mmcgrath>	alrighty guys, meeting ends.

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