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Matt Domsch Matt_Domsch at
Thu Mar 29 20:59:54 UTC 2007

On Thu, Mar 29, 2007 at 03:55:15PM -0400, Warren Togami wrote:
> I just talked with Ken Reilly, one of RH's engineering managers.  We are 
> trying to solve the CLA problem, where legal surprised us by allowing 
> Red Hat contributors to Fedora under Red Hat's CLA instead of Fedora's 
> CLA.  We both realize there are potential problems in this, but there is 
> urgency to allow Red Hat CLA very soon because this blocks many Red Hat 
> engineers from creating Fedora Accounts as we approach the merge.
> Below is an initial simple implementation to enable this very quickly. 
> Luckily however, the groups shouldn't get in our way to further improve 
> this process later.
> One Time Changes
> ================
> 1) Existing cla_done is cloned to fedora_cla.
> 2) dell_cla group is created, Matt adds whoever he wants.  Remove 
> dell_cla members from fedora_cla.

Per the Corporate CLA, anyone in dell_cla needs to be an admin for
dell_cla, so they can add/remove people.  Is that doable too?

> 3) redhat_cla group is created, populated through various means.
> 4) Modify existing Fedora CLA signing process to join fedora_cla instead 
> of cla_done.
> Automatic Changes Thereafter
> ============================
> fedora_cla auto adds to cla_done
> redhat_cla autoadds to cla_done
> dell_cla autoadds to cla_done
> Toshio's cvsextras -> fedorabugs code should work in these cases too?
> redhat_cla Management
> =====================
> 1) (one time) Dump dist-fc7 package owners, match e-mail addresses with 
> FAS accounts, add all those to redhat_cla.
> 2) (one time) Add everyone else that we know about who currently doesn't 
>  match e-mail addresses.
> 3) Give kreilly admin access to the redhat_cla group, so he can 
> add/remove members in an interim.
> 4) Later give RH GIS access, so they can make it part of their standard 
> "new employee" or "remove employee" process.
> See any problems in this?  Please comment.


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