Meeting Log - 2008-03-13

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Fri Mar 14 04:26:20 UTC 2008

16:01 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- Meeting, who's here?
16:02 < ivazquez> Pong.
16:02  * nirik lurks in the background
16:02 -!- jmtaylor [n=jason at] has joined #fedora-meeting
16:02 < mmcgrath> jmtaylor: yo, just getting started
16:03 < mmcgrath> skvidal: dgilmore: ping
16:03 -!- kambiz [n=kambiz at] has joined #fedora-meeting
16:03 < skvidal> yah
16:03 < skvidal> in and out
16:03  * mmcgrath thinks RDU and Boston are having problems and pycon is going on right now so its quite possible lots of people won't be here today
16:03  * whitenoise 's around :P
16:03 < jmtaylor> mmcgrath: cool
16:04 < mmcgrath> alrighty, well we'll get started just the same
16:04 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- tickets
16:04 < mmcgrath> .tiny
16:04 < zodbot> mmcgrath:
16:05 < mmcgrath> .ticket 421
16:05 < zodbot> mmcgrath: #421 (Fedora Mirror Space) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac -
16:05  * dgilmore is here
16:05 < mmcgrath> AFAIK f13's handling the actual pushing of those bits around
16:05 < mmcgrath> f13: you here?
16:05  * mmcgrath guesses not
16:05 < jwb> he's missing at the moment
16:06 -!- ezq [n=ezq at] has quit "leaving"
16:06 < mmcgrath> either way I think thats mostly taken care of, I'll remove the meeting tag from it.
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16:06  * ricky is here for ~5 minutes
16:06 < mmcgrath> ricky: yo
16:06 -!- J5 [n=quintice at nat/redhat/x-151d921351e45e15] has joined #fedora-meeting
16:06 < mmcgrath> jcollie isn't here so we'll skip ticket 395
16:06 < mmcgrath> .ticket 398
16:06 < zodbot> mmcgrath: #398 (elfutils `monotone' (mtn) error) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac -
16:07 < mmcgrath> not much new here, I submitted a bug upstream and they claim there's lots of ways to do what we suggest, none of which are very good.
16:07 < mmcgrath> so I'm keeping an eye on that but I haven't actually looked to implement anything and I don't think anyone else has either
16:07 < mmcgrath> so moving on
16:07 < mmcgrath> .ticket 446
16:07 < zodbot> mmcgrath: #446 (Possibility to add external links on spins page) - Fedora Infrastructure - Trac -
16:07 < mmcgrath> this is a new one from today.
16:08 -!- abadger1999 [i=3ffaf10a at gateway/web/ajax/] has joined #fedora-meeting
16:08 < mmcgrath> I've got to be honest, I'm not to keen on this idea of linking to other places for stuff.  It feels hackish and silly.
16:08 < mmcgrath> having said that, the spins policies aren't set in stone yet so the fr people don't have many options.
16:08 < mmcgrath> So reluctantly we may have to allow this through.
16:08  * glezos is around if needed
16:08 < mmcgrath> glezos: howdy
16:09 < mmcgrath> does anyone have any comments or questions about htat?
16:09 < mmcgrath> it will take some code changes on our spins page.
16:09 < ivazquez> What happens if the policy comes down that external links are not allowed, after we've placed it?
16:09 < mmcgrath> then we'll remove it.
16:09 < mmcgrath> I'll send a feeler to the FAB now as it will likely take us a little bit to get the scripts in order anyway
16:10 < mmcgrath> well, I would if I could get to my mailbox.
16:10  * mmcgrath makes post-it note
16:10 < ivazquez> Has this been posed to the people handling the spins policies?
16:10 < mmcgrath> ivazquez: nope, they've been discussing it on the fab though.
16:11 < mmcgrath> so they'll comment when I send the feeler.
16:12 < mmcgrath> skvidal: any word on the new spins box?  I know you've been busy this week with yum stuff.
16:12 < dgilmore> id rather not link outside
16:12 < ivazquez> Likewise.
16:12 < skvidal> mmcgrath: I'm waiting to make sure it stays up :)
16:12 < skvidal> it's been 7 days
16:13 < skvidal> I just want to make sure it's not keeling over like it was before
16:13 < skvidal> then we can move forward w/it
16:13 < mmcgrath> solid
16:13 < mmcgrath> Ok, moving on from tickets
16:13 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- FAS2
16:14 < dgilmore> woohoo
16:14 < mmcgrath> So fas2 shipped, its been doing fine.  we had an issue yesterday but couldn't trace it to fas specifically, just strangeness in the db connections filling up mostly with koji requests and the old account system.
16:14 < mmcgrath> could have been a migration bug
16:14 < ricky> Aww, I'm going to miss part of this :(
16:14 -!- abadger1991 [n=abadger1 at] has joined #fedora-meeting
16:15 < dgilmore> fas2 seems to have been recieved really well
16:15 < mmcgrath> ricky:  no worriesl
16:15 < mmcgrath> all in all things went well, there's still a few outstanding issues, fedorapeople being one of them right now.
16:16 < dgilmore> mmcgrath: whats up with fedorapeople?
16:17 < mmcgrath> dgilmore: well the nssdb is messed up so no one hsa accounts on it.
16:17 < dgilmore> :( thats not fun
16:17 < dgilmore> so we have someone with local access fixing?
16:17 < mmcgrath> its a pretty easy thing to fix but a security 'feature' in fas is preventing me from doing it :)
16:17 < mmcgrath> dgilmore: I can still get i nand with a shell, its just this pesky meeting got in the way of me fixing it :)
16:18 -!- till__ [n=till at genius.kawo2.RWTH-Aachen.DE] has joined #fedora-meeting
16:18 < dgilmore> mmcgrath: i see so its not a big deal then
16:18 < mmcgrath> not a big deal.
16:18 < mmcgrath> just lots of little things here and there.
16:18 < dgilmore> one question i have with fas2 is setting up sandboxes
16:18 < mmcgrath> big thanks goes out to ricky and toshio.
16:18 < mmcgrath> dgilmore: shoot
16:19 < dgilmore> say i put up a sparc box like  where contributors get ssh and mock access
16:19 < dgilmore> id rather tie it into fas
16:19 < skvidal> dgilmore: mock? you sure?
16:19 < stickster> mmcgrath: I hope to have final word to you soon on CLA stuff
16:19 < dgilmore> im sure dwmw2_gone would want to do the same for his ppc64 box
16:19 -!- tyll [n=till at genius.kawo2.RWTH-Aachen.DE] has quit Nick collision from services.
16:20 < mmcgrath> stickster: excellent.
16:20 < stickster> mmcgrath: The relevant legal eagle just got back to the office today after being gone a bit.
16:20 < dgilmore> skvidal: to all people to test builds on sparc
16:20 < mmcgrath> dgilmore: yeah, I've thought about this, jesse has a similar box in question.
16:20 < dgilmore> to allow
16:20 < mmcgrath> dgilmore: so here's the thing.  In general I'd like to allow third parties to be able to access fas.  I'm going to write up some guidelines first for us all to go over.
16:20 < mmcgrath> The main concerns being...
16:20 < mmcgrath> 1) password harvesting
16:20 < dgilmore> skvidal: not mock on fedorapeople   but same set of accounts
16:20 < mmcgrath> 2) password harvesting :)
16:21 < mmcgrath> and the problem with mock is it allows you to get root on the box.
16:21 < dgilmore> mmcgrath: id be happy disabling password auth and only allowing ssh
16:21 -!- till__ is now known as tyll
16:21 < dgilmore> mmcgrath: i.e  put in something fake for a passwd
16:21 < mmcgrath> dgilmore: but if someone ssh'd and forwarded their key there's still issues there.
16:22 < dgilmore> mmcgrath: true
16:22 < mmcgrath> so the anwser is yes, I'd like to do something like that.
16:23 < mmcgrath> but I'm not sure the right way to go about it at this time.
16:23 < mmcgrath> I suspect a good answer will be for users to somehow get temporary passwords setup and emaild to them from that box.
16:23 < mmcgrath> and disallowing key based auth.
16:23 < mmcgrath> we can talk more about that later.
16:24 < mmcgrath> and there's lesser levels of integration I'd like to be able to just offer without much effort to people, like the fedora unity folks, who may want to get group information.
16:24 < dgilmore> that could be a possibily
16:24 < mmcgrath> anyone have any other questions?
16:24 -!- sereinity [n=sereinit at] has joined #fedora-meeting
16:24 < mmcgrath> alllrighty
16:25 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- Me won't be here for much longer this month.
16:25 < mmcgrath> This is a notice to everyone.
16:25 < mmcgrath> I'm goin gto be gone, pretty much the rest of the month
16:25 < jeremy_> mmcgrath: that's not allowed!
16:25 < mmcgrath> either at pycon, training or in vegas towards the end of the month
16:25 < mmcgrath> jeremy_: but but but vegas!!!!
16:25 < jeremy_> mmcgrath: work!
16:25 < jeremy_> back to it!
16:25 -!- wwoods [n=wwoods at nat/redhat/x-4a06e36cb94bc1b3] has joined #fedora-meeting
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16:25 < mmcgrath> so I'll be peaking my head in, and checking my email.  But during the day I'll largely be gone
16:26 -!- poelcat_ [n=poelcat at fedora/poelcat] has joined #fedora-meeting
16:26  * mmcgrath sees RDU is back online
16:26 < mmcgrath> so thats that really.
16:26 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrastructure -- Open Floor
16:26 < mmcgrath> who's got something else they'd like to discuss?
16:27 < dgilmore> how has xen2 been holding up
16:27 < mmcgrath> dgilmore: good question.
16:27 < mmcgrath> So xen2
16:27  * mmcgrath finds the bz number
16:27 < mmcgrath> .bug 429469
16:27 < buggbot> Bug low, low, rc, Mike Christie, NEW , Frequent reboots of servers after upgrading to RHEL5.
16:27 < zodbot> mmcgrath: Bug 429469: Frequent reboots of servers after upgrading to RHEL5. -
16:27 < mmcgrath> so this one bit us hard.
16:27 < mmcgrath> During the trouble shooting late last week I disabled all iscsi based guests.
16:28 < mmcgrath> either converting them to local disk or moving them somewhere else.
16:28 < mmcgrath> This seems to have stopped the box from rebooting.
16:28 < mmcgrath> *however*
16:28 < mmcgrath> xen1 rebooted on... monday I want to say.
16:28 < mmcgrath> and it took on 2 guests from xen2, noc1 and app4 I believe.
16:28 -!- poelcat_ [n=poelcat at fedora/poelcat] has quit Client Quit
16:28 < mmcgrath> so its possible one of those guests wsa causing problems.
16:28 < mmcgrath> its possible it was a fluke.
16:28 < mmcgrath> but we're keeping an eye on it just the same.
16:29 < mmcgrath> needless to say, xen2's been pretty solid all week.
16:29 -!- jeremy_ [n=katzj at MUCKLEY-THREE-NINETY-NINE.MIT.EDU] has quit "back to the other client"
16:29 < mmcgrath> so thats the latest on that
16:29 < mmcgrath> Anyone have anything else they'd like to discuss?
16:31 < gkrpan> <-- looking into the RFR process.  Nothing to report on it yet.
16:31 < mmcgrath> gkrpan: solid
16:31 < mmcgrath> ok, well we'll close the meeting in 30
16:31 -!- abadger1999 [i=3ffaf10a at gateway/web/ajax/] has quit " ajax IRC Client"
16:31 -!- jlaska [n=jlaska at nat/redhat/x-2b60db71d7b3f708] has joined #fedora-meeting
16:32 < mmcgrath> 10
16:32 -!- mmcgrath changed the topic of #fedora-meeting to: Infrasturcture -- Meeting Closed!
16:32 < mmcgrath> thanks for coming everyone
16:32 < dgilmore> :)  thanks
16:32  * mmcgrath gets back to the final bits of FAS2 and fixing fedorapeople.
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