Change Request - fingerprints.html

Ricky Zhou ricky at
Thu Nov 13 19:54:43 UTC 2008

This is just a content change, so it should have no risk at all:
It fixes ticket 814

diff --git a/configs/system/fingerprints.html b/configs/system/fingerprints.html
index f8d9cc7..01d4e43 100644
--- a/configs/system/fingerprints.html
+++ b/configs/system/fingerprints.html
@@ -25,26 +25,9 @@
       <div id="content">
       <h1>Package Signing Keys</h1>
-      <table>
-      <tr>
-        <th>Key Purpose</th>
-       <th>Identified As</th>
-        <th>Fingerprint</th>
-        <th>Last Updated (UTC)</th>
-      </tr>
-      <tr>
-        <td>Fedora Project Releases</td>
-       <td>Fedora Project &lt;fedora at;</td>
-        <td>CAB4 4B99 6F27 744E 8612  7CDF B442 69D0 4F2A 6FD2</td>
-        <td>2008-08-19 00:00:00</td>
-      </tr>
-      <tr>
-        <td>Fedora Rawhide</td>
-       <td>Fedora Project (Test Software) &lt;rawhide at;</td>
-        <td>3166 C14A AE72 30D9 3B7A  B2F6 DA84 CBD4 30C9 ECF8</td>
-        <td>2008-08-19 00:00:00</td>
-      </tr>
-      </table>
+      <p>
+        Please refer to the <a href="">keys page</a> for updated information about package signing keys.
+      </p>
       <h1>SSH Host Fingerprints</h1>
@@ -109,9 +92,8 @@
     <div id="bottom">
       <div id="footer">
         <p class="copy">
-        Copyright © 2008 Red Hat, Inc. and others.  All Rights Reserved.  Please send any comments or corrections to the <a href="mailto:webmaster at">websites te
+        Copyright &copy; 2008 Red Hat, Inc. and others. All Rights Reserved. For comments or queries, please <a href="">contact us</a>.
         <p class="disclaimer">
         The Fedora Project is maintained and driven by the community and sponsored by Red Hat.  This is a community maintained site.  Red Hat is not responsible for content.

Can I get two +1s?

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