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Thu Nov 20 16:04:44 UTC 2008

Nils Philippsen wrote:
> Hi there,
> "I'm the new one", as they say.
> I've been messing with RHL, RHEL and Fedora since RHL 4.0, nowadays as a
> developer, formerly as consultant, support person and sysadmin (paid
> gigs that is, unpaid it's still a mix of all these). I'm experienced in
> software and database design and have used and still use among others C,
> Python, Perl, SQL for that. I've also done web programming with PHP
> (which I'd rather forget) and nowadays TurboGears and Co.
> My motivation to show up here is that until now I've only caused you
> people work and I thought that I could help out with things for a
> change; I thought about the web, hosted, devel/tools (what's the
> difference?) FIGs. I can't say how much I can spare for Fedora
> Infrastructure work and I'll probably only occasionally be able to join
> the meeting (which is a tad late in my timezone), but I should still be
> able to work on the odd ticket or two.
> My Fedora moniker as well as IRC nickname on Freenode is "nphilipp".
Hey Nils!  Good to see you might be able to spend a few cycles here and
there helping out.

If you're more interested in the development side of thinkgs, feel free
to talk things over with me.  We have a ton of TurboGears apps deployed
and there's always small and big things that need work on them.

If you have time now, there's a small interaction with the letter
paginator in pkgdb that I need to fix up but have had bigger things
constantly getting in the way.

I'm abadger1999 just in case you didn't already know that :-)


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