Self Introduction:Balaji

G balajig81 at
Sun Nov 23 16:34:33 UTC 2008


My name is Balaji and i live in chennai which is a city in India. i am
a software developer working for a private firm in chennai. I ve been
contribtuting to fedora as a member of the bug-triage team, Testing
packages from the bodhi repository, the Docs team(garderning and wiki
editing) and also as one of the Fedora-Ambassadors for chennai. Though
i must also admit honestly that the past few months were so hectic
that i couldn't contribute much for fedora other than servicing the
DVD requests and acknowledging them. I have again started off my
contributions to fedora and on the verge of the Fedora 10 release as
well as the planning for F11 release it would be a good time to enter
this.  I would like to be part of the infrastructure team by testing
few stuff like bodhi,koji etc using some virtualization stuff and
ofcourse starting to solve trivial bugs in those allied tools as it
would help me to learn python more better though i know little bit of

I am really excited to be part of this team and hope i have a good and
challenging time with you all.


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