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Imre Gergely imre.gergely at
Tue Nov 25 07:51:51 UTC 2008

On 11/22/2008 08:36 PM, Mike McGrath wrote:
> Hey guys, completely voluntary but I thought I'd ask because I'm curious
> For personal use, how many of you use something like linode or slicehost
> or an individual provider?
> If you do use a provider which one is it?
> For me, I do use one and I use slicehost.

Used to host mine at home on a desktop, but upload speed was very
limited, luckily I work at an ISP.

I'm running a vnc server on it with a lot of terminals open to other
servers and I'm connecting to it from home, kinda like a jump server
(ssh tunnel + vncserver on localhost ftw). Mail, DNS, couple of
websites, torrent tracker, some cacti.

Sidenote: I'm managing 1-2 dedicated servers at rackspace, and I'm
pretty satisfied with them.

Imre Gergely
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