I am Linux Fresher but at the sametime Student of RHCE

Phadke Omkar Ashok omkarphadke at fastmail.in
Tue Nov 25 21:15:03 UTC 2008

Basic Commands in Linux and the following things
 Filesystem Structure
 Basic Partition Structure
 Types of Installation & Kickstart
 Booting Sequence
 User Administration & SUDO & PAM
 File Permissions & Special Permissions [Setuid,Setgid,Stickybit]
 Umask & ACL
 Hardware Management
 Kernel Compilation
 Disk Management [creating,deleting]
 Disk quota Management
 Process Management
 RPM & Tarball Management [Package Mangement], YUM
 XWindows Management , VNC
 RAID & LVM Management

 Setting up one or many ip Address to Lan card
 Setting up Router
 Setting up DHCP Server
 NFS Server Administration
 FTP Server Administration
 SAMBA Server Administration
 DNS Server Administration
 Apache Server Administration
 Sendmail Server Administration
 Squid Proxy Server Administration
 NIS Server Administration

               Hope I get a positive response and get a chance to work
               with Fedora Team (Thnks GOD)...

  Phadke Omkar Ashok
  omkarphadke at fastmail.in

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