Errors while syncing bugzilla with the PackageDB

Toshio Kuratomi a.badger at
Wed Nov 26 18:44:02 UTC 2008

accounts at wrote:
> The following errors were encountered while updating bugzilla with information
> from the Package Database.  Please have the problems taken care of:
> (106, 'Sorry, entering a bug into the\n    product Fedora OLPC has been disabled.')

I'm looking into special casing 'Fedora OLPC' to not attempt to sync to
bugzilla now.  Talking to OLPC people about whether we need to disable
bugzilla acls in the pkgdb for OLPC and just manage cvs for them or if
re-enabling the bugzilla component is what they want to do.

For reference, the bugzilla ticket for this change was here:


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