DNS changes

Jeffrey Ollie jeff at ocjtech.us
Sat Nov 29 22:05:39 UTC 2008

On Sat, Nov 29, 2008 at 3:56 PM, Jon Stanley <jonstanley at gmail.com> wrote:
> Someone just came into #fedora-admin and noted that the MNAME in our
> SOA's was incorrect - for every domain, the MNAME was set to be the
> domain itself, whereas RFC1035 3.3.13 states:
> MNAME           The <domain-name> of the name server that was the
>                original or primary source of data for this zone.
> Being a DNS guy myself, I've modified every zone to be in compliance
> by changing the MNAME to be ns1.fedoraproject.org.  The patch is
> below, I'd like some consensus before pushing it.

The only quibble I have is with this:

> diff --git a/configs/dns/master/fedorahosted.org
> b/configs/dns/master/fedorahosted.org
> index bf3c281..40f9afc 100644
> --- a/configs/dns/master/fedorahosted.org
> +++ b/configs/dns/master/fedorahosted.org
> @@ -1,8 +1,8 @@
>  $TTL 86400
> -@    IN    SOA    fedorahosted.org. hostmaster.fedoraproject.org.  (
> +@    IN    SOA    ns1.fedorahosted.org. hostmaster.fedoraproject.org.  (

The MNAME should be ns1.fedoraproject.org here as well.

Otherwise +1.

Jeff Ollie

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