I want join in the Fedora Sysadmin Group

Saint.AK indeo.mail at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 08:31:49 UTC 2008


I am a fedora end user and I also run fedora server.

My job is aslo like a sysadmin.we use script & other tools to monitor
thousands  servers, making sure that the apps on them are stable and web end
user can use them freely.

I am familar with shell script ,apache(balancer),tomcat,linux,and some perl
script not very complex.

Frankly speaking ,I do not have much network experience, and I still learn.

I have used fedora/redhat for nearly 9 years, I want to give a hand to you,
if you think I am able to do this :)

sorry for my poor English:(

Saintak at Beijing UTC+8
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