Infrastructure Introduction

timg at timg at
Mon Aug 24 18:07:27 UTC 2009


I previously worked with the Fedora Infrastructure group a year or two
ago, unfortunately life prevailed and I was unable to help out much. At
this time things have changed and I feel that I now have the time to
help contribute to the project.

I currently work as a Systems Administrator, and helped develop,
implement, and maintain a large managed server environment (100+ servers
- CentOS based), which range from standard one server web sites, to load
balancing and MySQL/DRBD clusters.

I am interested in re-joining the sysadmin tools and noc FIG's and
previously had sponsorship by Mike McGrath and Matt Domsch. If you would
like any additional information about my current skill set please feel
free to email me. Thank you for your time, see you in IRC.

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