RFC: hosted VCS changes, do we offer that as a service?

David Nalley david at gnsa.us
Sun Dec 5 23:39:09 UTC 2010

I noticed three hosted tickets this afternoon (2466, 2369, and 1661)
that involve VCS changes.

I started looking into accomplishing the svn moves and I wonder if
this is a service we offer, or if we suggest that they prepare their
repository themselves, and we merely make an empty git repo available.

At least with the svn-to-git, it requires creating a list of users of
all users who have committed to the svn repo, so that git log is
properly populated. While not terribly hard, it can be a lot of time
to track down users (at least one of the respositories existed prior
to living on fh.o, so there isn't a one to one mapping of fas names,)
This strikes me as best done by those who know the repo rather than
people who administer the service.

I propose that we inform the users that they can make the change, and
we'll give them a new repo of whatever type, but that we don't
actually do the conversion ourselves. The only potential issue I see
with this is the potential for commits to to be made to the old VCS
before conversion is complete.

Thoughts, comments, flames?

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