Meeting today?

Derek Carter goozbach at
Thu Dec 16 16:59:07 UTC 2010

On 12/16/10 11:26 AM, Derek Carter wrote:
> I've heard that the fallout from the NFS problems in PHX2 datacenter is
> still in full force.
> Do we want to have our weekly meeting today? Or should we
> postpone/cancel it?
> I move to cancel and we can come back and have a proper post-mortem of
> the outage next week.
> That being said. Make sure to post your meeting ideas to
> with the keyword
> "meeting"
> --
> Derek

Looks like we will be having our meeting at 2000 UTC.

Join us in #fedora-meeting then.

And propose your meeting topics at the trac instance.

Here's the topics I've got lined up for now.

1) PHX2 NetApp Problems

2) FreeIPA as a FAS replacement

3) Upgrade Nagios

4) Upgrade fedorahosted to RHEL6

Anything else?

aka goozbach

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