func commands

seth vidal skvidal at
Fri Jul 2 21:12:30 UTC 2010

Hey folks, 
 I added some of the func-scriptlets I'd written up into puppet and got
them installed on puppet1 in /usr/local/bin/

the commands are:
func-command: run a shell command on whatever boxes you want - output
comes back nicely

func-grep: run grep just like you normally would but return results from
any/all machines. hostname:filename:matchedline

func-down-hosts: return the func/puppet hosts which are not responding
to func or to the network :(

func-find-user: return processes owned by that user on any/all hosts

func-whatsmyname: return func hosts where the func/puppet name and the
systems hostname doesn't match up

func-list-vms-per-host: list vms owned per host

all of these commands take these options:

--host=hostname_or_glob  - you can specify --host multiple times

--forks=int - number of forks to spin off to make the command complete -
defaults to 40 in most cases which is plenty

--timeout=int - length of time to wait for a response from the
system/process - the defaults in the scripts are pretty good but you
should adjust them as you see fit, of course

all of these require root/sudo access on puppet1 to run - the next stage
in things is for me to make it so we can do it by specific certs/per
user. The code exists -  I just need to get it deployed w/the acls to
the clients.


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