Newcomer - Hello world!

Rick Elrod codeblock at
Tue May 4 20:55:11 UTC 2010

Hello everyone, my name is Ricky Elrod, and I am looking to participate in an open source project that allows me to use my knowledge of networking and programming, and is a good community to work with. After doing some reading, the fedora infrastructure team looks like the place for me. I am a senior in high school, and already registered at a local university (The University of Akron) to major in Computer Science in Fall of this year (immediately after high school).

In high school, I participated in a Cisco class which gave me knowledge of networking concepts, such as dealing with Cisco-specific technologies, along with general networking, such as subnetting. In the programming world, I know quite a few scripting languages, such as PHP, Python, and Perl, and I am currently learning my first compiled language, Java. In the future I plan on learning C and C++, as time permits. I am active on IRC under the nick CodeBlock, on freenode and a few other networks, such as slashnet, and a small network I help administrate, Ninthbit.

mmcgrath is willing to sponsor me, after I spoke to him on IRC. He listed a few FIGs in need of help, and I would like to join sysadmin-hosted, and help out with fedorahosted.

Any other questions, just ask! I look forward to working with everyone.

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