Change request: new bodhi release

Luke Macken lmacken at
Wed Sep 15 16:32:51 UTC 2010

I've been trying to get this new bodhi release out the door for a while 
now.  It fixes a lot of important bugs and adds a bunch of new features.

I've added many new unit tests for a lot of these fixes/features, i've 
been poking it in staging for a while, and it does not contain any db 
schema changes so it can be reverted with a `yum downgrade bodhi-server` 
if things go south.



bodhi v0.7.9
     - Email the proventesters with stale unapproved critical path 
updates after 2 weeks
     - Allow people to revert their karma vote more than once
     - Download and inject the pkgtags sqlite db into our repodata from 
the pkgdb (which will be used by `yum search`)
     - Improved editing functionality
         - Only unpush edited updates when builds are added/removed
         - Make a note in the comments of which builds were added/removed
     - Add the new 'dist-fN-updates{-testing,}-pending' tags to builds 
so AutoQA can start testing them before they get pushed
     - Get the 'suggest reboot' flag working again
     - List security & critpath testing updates in our updates-testing 
digest emails
     - Allow non-critpath updates to be pushed to stable after meeting 
our critpath requirements
     - Add mouseover tooltips to the update status with more details
     - Prevent conflicting builds from being added to the same update 
(eg: 2 different versions of the same package)
     - Handle more types of bugzilla auto-linking in comments
     - Link to newer update in the obsoleted one
     - Remove our pagination query limit of 1000
     - Add a new 'author_group' field to each comment in our JSON API
     - Properly capture stderr from our mash subprocess
     - Add --stablekarma, --unstablekarma, and --disable-autokarma 
client args
     - Fix a bug in using `bodhi --push-build=` on multi-build updates
     - Link to gitweb instead of viewvc
     - Set default (un)stable karma values if autokarma re-enabled
     - Mark anonymous karma as being ignored
     - Add a --bodhi-url command-line option
     - Instead of requiring only one arg with a comma separated list of 
updates, support several builds as several args.
     - Improved metrics report generator (soon to be integrated into the 
web interface)

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