Mike McGrath mmcgrath at
Sat Sep 18 15:20:13 UTC 2010

On Sat, 18 Sep 2010, p sena wrote:

> Hi Team,
> Please find my introductory details below:-
>     *  Name - Prabir Senapati
>     * Time Zone / Country - IST / India
>     * Basic skills and experiences - Unix (Scripting & moderate admin skills), Perl/CGI (advance level), PHP, HTML, Javascript, C, Apache, MySQL, SCM (version control) tooling.
>     * Why you're joining - To experience the art of distributed contribution in software/IT development & maintenance. To leverage on critical thinking in this software field by open shared ideas and solutions.
>     * What you're looking to do - Maintaining the server farms. Know the fundamental setup in various fields like web, packaging, release etc, handle activities and develop web or CLI tools and provide automation applying processes. Contribute to the Perl things. Handle the advance things (handle modules, release, pkg, dist, putting Perl to go with Fedora...). And ofcourse Learn new things...

Welcome Prabir!  The stuff you're looking to do..  Way too much stuff for
starting out.  You should pick one to start with while you get to know the
group and people.  Which of those things are you most passionate about?


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