Introducing me (Nik Lam, nlam)

Nikolas Lam xennik at
Wed Sep 29 17:25:20 UTC 2010

Hi Fedora Infrastructure,

I've been a frequent Fedora user for approximately 3 years have been a
huge fan of free software in general for many more. Up until now though,
I've never contributed anything substantial back, other than acting as
an advocate among those who I know personally.

In July, I relocated from Australia to China (Shanghai) and am hoping to
actively participate in the Fedora Project and focus my efforts in this
region. In August, during her visit, I met with Mel Chua and Xin Zhen
(Fedora Ambassador "lonestar"). Mel suggested that with my background I
might be suitable as a contributor to the infrastructure team.

Some info about my skills:

I've worked as a sysadmin in the tertiary education sector for the past
3.5 years mainly on RHEL systems; prior to that, I worked mainly on
FreeBSD systems for 5 years. I am RHCE certified for RHEL4 and I'm
familiar with a bunch of the enterprise-oriented Red Hat-centric
technologies including RHN satellite, Cluster Suite and the
virtualisation capabilities of RHEL5. Application-wise, I think I've got
a fairly common set of skills, including:
* Apache httpd in conjunction with PHP, Tomcat and Zope-based web apps.
* mail services including exim, postfix, sendmail & dovecot
* (Sun) LDAP directory.

I've never been a big user of IRC, and therefore am quite the n00b, but
I've just registered the nick ni2ke4 on freenode and will be spending
time in the #fedora-admin to get acquainted with members of the team and
the way things work in infrastructure-land.


Nik Lam

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