joining infra team request

shaiton shaiton at
Thu Sep 30 14:32:13 UTC 2010

Hi there,

I really would like to be part of the infra team, in order to help the
website team. I am now a Fedora Project Localization "representative"
on the website team, in order to help concerning l10n. But it appears
that many changes that I would like to do also needs database updates.
To be efficient in my case, (1 L10N task = 1 website commit AND 1
other infra commit/change) we (at least Sijis and me :) ) think that
it could be faster if I could do both.

Therefore, here I am!

I am skilled in
basic website /server administration
bash scripting
C/C++ / php / MySQL / HTML/CSS
started using git
and just started learning python and Java (java is not my own choice,
am still a student  ^^)

I am using Linux since a long time ago (ok, I am not that old..) and
as definitely decided to get more involved.

About me and the Fedora Project:
I am a French Fedora Ambassador and an active translator. My goal as a
website team member is to provide a website as more localized as we
I am spending lots of time with the Fedora project (15-20h on average
per week) and like to do so :)

My FAS/wiki/irc username is shaiton

Best Regards,

Kévin Raymond

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