Second rounds of lists clean-up

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Sat Apr 2 20:42:05 UTC 2011

Andrea Veri wrote:
>> Would it be possible to hide them from
>> Disable search engine access to them as well?
> unfortunately not, that would require the list to
> be completely removed. (that means it can't be
> activated again and needs to be re-created one more time
> if someone will request so)

The lists could be marked as unadvertised, which hides them from the
listinfo page.  This can be done via a little scripting, to avoid
having to visit the web interface for each disabled list.

If that seems like a good idea and you have any trouble scripting it,
let me know and I'll try to assist.  (This would be done via a
withlist script, for some examples check in ~mailman/bin.)

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